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Turn work into fun and engage employees

Increase team productivity, attract new talent, or simply put a smile on people's faces while they work. Promote your team and self-improvement work through gamification and community engagement strategy. Experience a new level of employee engagement and turn work into a rewarding experience.

Turn achievements into rewards

We empower people and drive teamwork, and competitive spirit, by setting challenges and unlocking rewards in return for high performance. The reward system for employees helps people boost productivity and have more motivation in their daily tasks. In this game, we are all winners! After all, more accomplishment translates into a lower turnover rate.

Monitor progress with clear visibility

Our gamified approach is measured by key performance indicators for employees which drives business growth. This solution is practical, simple, effective, and easy to use, making it a real win-win. Analyze and understand the most effective challenges for each team and implement strategies for success.

The Power of Employee Engagement

*The ROI of Modern Performance Management, Brandon Hall Group

Features that vaibe with your business

Fits all industries

We play together to turn work fun and effective, with a gamified solution for any business, system, and industry.

Plug and play solution

We bring you a full SaaS solution, with custom data imports. No complex settings or hardware required. Just a user-friendly solution tailored to your business.

Real-time statistics

Enhance performance through timely and transparent insights for effective one-on-one meetings, promoting engagement and fostering business growth.

Rewards in just one click

A store tailored to your employees, allowing them to buy digital and real items based on their achievements.




Step 1

Challenge your team

Set goals and assign metrics to achieve them

Step 2

Let the games begin

The team has access to the leader board to see their performance. Encouraging a healthy competitive spirit is a way to boost productivity

Step 3

Performance is rewarded

The employee reward system gives recognition according to performance. Employees can turn their earnings into real and digital prizes. Can you feel the “buzz” of excitement?


Warehouse operator

“I’m sure vaibe is working great in our team! Honestly this will be a great tool for warehouses. Pickers seemed to be a little more focused on what they’re doing, and more productive overall.”

Warehouse operator

“I’ve noticed a lot less people on their phones and actually doing their job happily. That’s nice to see. We are more motivated. I feel motivated.”

Executive / shift manager

“I saw the interest level increase; I saw the smiles. We added a fun element to jobs that can be boring. This is different, this is new - I like this. It was an overall positive feeling from"